gardenia cutting step, gardenia cutting times

Lydia Rodarte-Quayle
2020-11-16 11:23:35
When planting Rhododendron seedlings, it is not easy to live, probably because the soil is not suitable for its growth, so acid soil should be used. If the root system is damaged, it is not easy to live, and it can be planted only after disinfection and sterilization. There is no slow seedling on the normal maintenance, should first be placed in a cool place, such as it slow seedling almost a week before the appropriate light.

1. Cutting Steps

1, cut branches: Gardenia cuttings, the choice of branches is very important, can affect the survival rate, so to choose good.You can choose a strong plant without pests and diseases as the mother plant, cut the strong branches from the top as cuttings, cut them from the base, about 18 centimeters, and cut the bottom into a 45-degree incision.

2. Treat the branches: Remove the leaves at the lower end of the branches, leaving a few leaves above, and then soak them in the rooting water for about 10 minutes, then fish them out and put them aside to dry.

3. Preparation of matrix: The matrix used for cuttage must be loose, have ventilation effect, and have good drainage. It must be acidic, and neutral or alkaline soil cannot be used.

4. Cuttage: Spray water into the substrate to keep it wet, then poke a small hole on the substrate, insert the branch into it to a depth of about 5 cm, then cover the soil with hands and press it gently.

5. Later-stage maintenance: After cutting, watering thoroughly can promote the rooting of cuttings, and proper contact with astigmatism can lead to rooting after a period of time.

2. cutting time

Gardenia cuttage to choose a good time, spring, summer and autumn can be cuttage, mild climate in the south, can be selected in the spring of March and April, can also be selected in the autumn of August and October cuttage, the north can be selected in May and June cuttage.


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