How to repot newly-bought azaleas, which month to repot in is the best?

Mike Ehrmantraut
2020-11-16 11:23:35
Rhododendrons usually do not bloom in winter, and if artificial intervention is carried out, they will bloom in winter. It is a good plant, as long as the maintenance of the environment is suitable, it is likely to blossom. In winter, the temperature should be controlled at about 8-10 C. When it is below 5 C., its growth will be limited. In winter, we should pay attention to less watering and good ventilation.

1. how to change the basin

1, choose a pot: to azalea repotting, to choose the appropriate size of the pot, usually the diameter of the pot as long as not more than half of the corolla on the line.Flowerpots should be ventilated, otherwise it will affect its root breathing, the use of clay pots is better.

2. Soil selection: The soil should be suitable for plant growth, and it likes to grow in loose acidic soil.After preparing the soil, use potassium permanganate to disinfect it, or expose it to the sun.

3, on the pot: first in the pot bottom put some broken tiles, and then spread coarse sand and soil.Then put the Rhododendron plant in, and then use the nutrient soil to fill the gaps in the roots, gently press it.Finally, water the soil thoroughly and put it in a semi-shady environment, and it will be able to maintain normally in about one week to half a month.

2. Precautions

When you first buy an azalea, don't be in a hurry to repot it.Because the plant needs to re-adapt to the new environment, it will grow poorly in a short time, if repotted at this time, it is very harmful to its growth, it is easy to wither and fall leaves, or even die.Generally, it should be placed in the shade of air circulation first, waiting for it to slow down for a period of time before repotting.

3. Replacing Time

The best time to repot azaleas is in spring and autumn, when the climate is stable.Don't do it during flowering and winter, because it will be difficult for plants to adapt to the new environment.


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