How to pot newly-bought azaleas, how can azaleas bloom faster?

Gustavo Fring
2020-11-16 11:23:35
Roses are shallow-rooted and do not like water. However, the water consumption in the growth stage is relatively large, so it is necessary to water frequently and pay attention to the method of watering. It is best to find that when the soil becomes dry, then water, water thoroughly, not water, otherwise the root system is easy to rot. In addition to water, but also pay attention to light, temperature, nutrients, give it a suitable environment to grow vigorously.

1. how to go to the basin

1. Preparation of potting soil: It is best to use breathable soil for breeding rhododendrons. The material can be clay pottery basin, or purple sand basin, or porcelain basin. The size of the flowerpot should be selected according to the size of the plant.The soil must be acidic and breathable.

2. Disinfect: Prepare the new pots and soil, and disinfect them.Potassium permanganate can be used to disinfect flowerpots, and the soil can be directly placed in a well-lit place, which is the insolation disinfection method.

3. Pot planting: Do not harm its root system, put it in the prepared pot soil, and wait patiently for it to adapt to the new environment.The root system of Rhododendron should be spread out in the pot, not entangled in a piece, otherwise it is difficult to grow vigorously.

2. how to blossom fast

1. Moisture: Rhododendron likes to grow in slightly wet soil, so we should master the correct watering method, do not let the flower soil too wet, otherwise it will die, it is difficult to blossom normally.

2. Nutrients: During the period of bud formation of the plant, it is necessary to supplement it with a proper amount of phosphorus and potassium fertilizer, which can not only make it blossom faster, but also help it blossom more brightly.Do not apply nitrogen fertilizer when it is about to bloom.

3, moisturizing: Maintenance when the air is too dry, it will affect the flowering.Therefore, we should not only pay attention to watering it, but also spray water to moisturize it, otherwise there may be buds falling or drying up.


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