How to make azaleas blossom ceaselessly, how to solve leaf wilting?

Jesse Pinkman
2020-11-16 11:23:35
If you want to prolong its fresh-keeping time, you can use a variety of methods, there are four commonly used. First, add preservatives in the water, the general flower shop has sold, according to the instructions to join on the line, can be insured for about three weeks. The second is to keep fresh in tea, because there are tea polyphenols in tea, which can prolong the preservation time. Third, regular pruning of branches, the bottom cut into oblique mouth, can be better water absorption. Fourth, to avoid strong light, usually placed in ventilated semi-shade, otherwise strong light will accelerate the loss of nutrients.

1. Curing

1, watering: Rhododendron root system is very weak, so when watering must pay attention not to excessive, to keep the soil moist.When you water it, you don't dry it. When you water it, you must water it thoroughly.If there is a lack of water in the soil, it will not grow well and it will be difficult to keep flowering.

2. Nutrient: Fertilizer should be applied scientifically during its growth period. Nitrogen fertilizer is usually applied during the growth period, and it will be replaced by phosphorus and potassium fertilizer when it blossoms.After flowering, more fertilizer should be applied appropriately, and no fertilizer should be applied temporarily in winter.However, care should be taken not to use thick fertilizer, nor to use undecomposed fertilizer.

3. Pruning: During the blooming period, weak and unblooming buds need to be pruned.After flowering, we should cut off the residual branches, withered flowers and some useless branches, only reasonable pruning can better blossom.

2. how to alleviate the dry leaves

1, water: Rhododendron suitable for growth in a humid environment, if the maintenance environment is too dry, its leaves will not absorb water, easy to dry up.It should be more water, first of all to keep the soil moist, followed by water spraying, in order to improve the maintenance of environmental humidity.

2. Medication: When the plant is infected with diseases and insect pests, the leaves will turn yellow at first and gradually become withered.It should be sprayed with carbendazim or dimethoate emulsion at the first time.


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