How to plant will rhododendron seedlings survive easily, what's the appropriate seedling spacing?

Walter White
2020-11-16 11:23:35
There are many ways to make dried flowers, four of which are commonly used. One is the natural drying method, which is to hang upside down directly indoors and let the water evaporate naturally. The second is to use the air-drying method, put the bouquet in a well-ventilated place and air-dry it slowly. Third, use the microwave oven to dry, but first air dry for a week before putting in, otherwise the flowers are easy to break. Fourth, with fine sand drying method, put it into cartons, buried in fine sand, about two weeks will become dried flowers.

1. how to plant

1. Time: If you want to plant Rhododendron seedlings to survive, you need to choose the right time, usually from the Autumn Equinox to the Qingming Festival.This time is its dormant period, and it will grow well in the next spring.

2. Soil: The selected soil should also be suitable. Clean, breathable and nutritious soil should be used. The flowerpot should also be breathable, otherwise the plant seedlings will be easily suffocated.The soil can be mixed with sandy loam, humus and granular soil, and the flowerpot can be a clay pot or a purple sand pot.

3. Protect the root system: Do not damage the root system when planting, and protect the root as much as possible.If the roots are rotten, they should be pruned first and then sterilized.When planting, you can't press the soil too hard, just press it a little.

4. Watering: After planting, you need to water it for fixing the roots. You can't let the soil accumulate water. After that, you can water it once every 1-2 days.

2. Spacing

When planting seedlings, there is no fixed spacing, and generally the reserved space can satisfy the growth of seedlings.Do not plant too close together, usually just not right next to each other.If it will be transplanted later, the spacing of seedlings need not be too concerned.If potted cultivation, each pot planted a tree on the line, planted too many trees, nutrition supply is not only insufficient, growth space will be smaller.


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