How can jasmine grow luxuriantly? When will jasmine blossom?

Walter White
2020-11-16 11:23:35
When potted plants are planted, a slightly larger pot should be selected to ensure good air permeability. Soil should also pay attention to, to ensure loose, breathable, can use their own rotten leaf soil, garden soil, sand mixed, and then mixed with decomposed fertilizer. After preparation, the selected grape seedlings can be planted in the soil, and attention should be paid to soaking them for 24 hours before planting, so that they can absorb enough water. After planting, the soil is compacted and watered thoroughly. When it begins to sprout, we should fertilize regularly, loosen the soil frequently, and pay attention to pests and diseases.

1. how to raise to flourish

1. Soil: In order for jasmine to grow luxuriantly, it is necessary to provide suitable acid soil, which is the basis for growth. The soil should be rich in organic matter and relatively fertile, and it also needs to have the properties of ventilation, looseness, and drainage.

2. Illumination: The growth of jasmine cannot be separated from sunlight. When the jasmine grows luxuriantly, it must have sufficient sunlight and be placed in the position facing the sun. If the illumination is good, the jasmine will grow vigorously and luxuriantly, with more flowers and strong fragrance.

3. Watering: Try to create a moist but not humid growth environment for jasmine flowers. During the growth period, water must be supplied. During the period of high temperature and dryness in summer, water can be supplied once in the morning and once in the evening.

4. Fertilization: The jasmine flower likes fertilizer and needs to ensure sufficient nutrients to support its growth. In the peak growth season, it needs to be fertilized twice a month, but not too much.

5. Pruning: In addition to normal maintenance, in order to ensure the lush growth of jasmine, reasonable pruning is also needed, which can reduce the consumption of nutrients, make the remaining nutrients supply growth, promote the growth of lateral branches, and promote the lush growth of plants.

2. when to blossom

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In general, the flowering period of jasmine is from May to August every year, and it can bloom three times successively.


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