What soil does jasmine grow in? Is jasmine easy to grow?

Jane Margolis
2020-11-16 11:23:35
Orchids are mainly from the leaves, buds and roots of the three aspects of performance. The leaves are wilting, dull, curved and dry at the edge, and even dehydrated. In severe cases, black spots and scorched tails will appear on the leaves. There are no new buds coming out for a long time, or there are new buds growing out, but the growth rate is slow and it is difficult to become seedlings. Root growth is not developed, although the long roots or new roots, but are not normal. In addition, the roots are stiff and inelastic. Orchid has above circumstance to explain its did not take a basin.

1. What soil is suitable for

1. Loose: potted jasmine has certain requirements for soil. It should have certain looseness. The soil should be soft. The potted soil should not be too hardened and sticky, otherwise it will lead to water accumulation. It also needs to be able to retain water and fertilizer.Loose soil can make the root system breathe normally and meet the needs of jasmine growth.

2. Fertility: The jasmine is a kind of plant that likes to fertilize, so it also has a fertile requirement for the soil. Add appropriate fertilizer as the base fertilizer. The base fertilizer can be rotten bean cake, chicken manure, hoof slices, etc. The base fertilizer is covered with a layer of soil, which can avoid direct contact with the roots.

3. Acidity: jasmine likes acidic soil, so the potting soil should be kept slightly acidic, and alkaline or neutral soil should not be used, otherwise it will lead to poor growth and yellow leaves.

2. Soil mixing method

Jasmine can not use a single soil, garden soil, perlite, rotten leaf soil, fine sand preparation, according to the actual growth of the adjustment ratio.

3. easy to raise it

As long as we pay attention to good maintenance methods, jasmine is still relatively easy to grow. In the process of maintenance, we must pay attention to ensuring adequate sunshine, giving reasonable water and fertilizer, and also need to pay attention to the prevention and control of pests and diseases.If the maintenance method is not correct, the jasmine may die.


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