When and how to repot jasmine

Lydia Rodarte-Quayle
2020-11-16 11:23:35
Winter temperature is low, potted management should be moved indoors in time, but pay attention not to put in a room with heating, the temperature is between 0-5 degrees, too high bud eyes will germinate ahead of time, which is harmful to later growth. Although winter will stop growing, but also regular watering, once a week, can not lose water. At this time, base fertilizer should be added together with pot changing to ensure fertile soil. In addition, pruning and shaping should be done to save nutrients as much as possible, which is conducive to winter.

1. When to change the basin

The cultivation of jasmine needs to be repotted once a year. Its root system is relatively developed. Replacing a large pot can be more suitable for growth.In fact, repotting is not very troublesome, in the four seasons of the year can be repotted, the best time to choose in the spring of March and April, at this time has not yet begun to grow and germinate, the above buds have not germinated, so the consumption of nutrients is relatively small, the impact on jasmine is relatively small, and the climate at this time is mild and suitable, very suitable for growth and development.

You can also change the pots at other times, but you need to pay more attention. If you want to change the pots in summer, you need to only change the pots without cleaning up the old pot soil. If you want to change the pot in autumn and winter, you need to ensure the temperature, not to make the surrounding temperature too low, and you also need to control the watering.

2. How to change the basin

1. Pot removal: Fertilization should be stopped a few days before pot replacement, and watering should be well controlled so as not to make the pot soil too wet.First use a shovel to loosen the surrounding soil, and then remove the attached old soil, do not damage the root system.

2. Pruning: The old roots and rotten roots at the bottom are properly pruned off, the yellow leaves on the plant are also pruned off, and the roots are disinfected in carbendazim solution.


3. Potting: Prepare a suitable flowerpot, fill it with soil, plant the jasmine in the middle, and do a good job of maintenance and management.

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