How to water jasmine correctly and how to fertilize jasmine

Marie Schrader
2020-11-16 11:23:35
Orchids should be sprayed to prevent diseases after being potted. Because after the plant is potted, normal maintenance and management can be carried out, and spraying disease prevention is one of the necessary management steps. In addition, although orchids have passed the potting period, their disease resistance and defense ability are still low, and they are vulnerable to pests and diseases. Therefore, after taking the pot, the orchid can be sprayed to avoid the damage of pests and diseases to the orchid just taking the pot, so that the plant can quickly recover and grow.

1. How to water properly

1. Frequency: There are four seasons in a year. In different seasons, the climate is different, so the frequency of watering is different.Jasmine prefer wet, spring is in the period of growth and germination, water demand is more, so watering should be adequate, watering once a day.In summer, the temperature is relatively high and the evaporation is strong, so we can water it once a day in the morning and evening.In autumn, it can be watered every 3-5 days, and in winter, evaporation is slow, so it can be watered once a week.

2. Water volume: It is necessary to ensure that the water can be thoroughly watered every time. The situation of half-cut water cannot occur. Do not water too much. Otherwise, water accumulation will occur, which will lead to root rot.When it rains, we should avoid getting wet in the rain, and the water in the basin should be discharged in time.

3. Water quality: There is not much requirement for water quality. The best water quality to be used is rainwater. Spring water, lake water, river water and river water can also be used. If conditions do not permit, tap water can also be used after standing.

2. How to apply fertilizer

The jasmine flower likes fertilizer, so it is necessary to apply sufficient fertilizer before potting to ensure good nutrients, and apply fertilizer reasonably during the growth process, especially during the vigorous growth period to ensure sufficient fertilizer.During the period of vigorous growth of plants, in addition to normal root fertilization, foliar fertilizer should be sprayed at intervals.


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