How to sow jasmine, jasmine sowing time

Hank Schrader
2020-11-16 11:23:35
The specific years of potted grapes can bear fruit depends on the seedlings planted. If it is one or two years old seedlings with strong growth, they will blossom and bear fruit in the same year after planting, but the number of fruits is small. If the seedlings are planted, they may need to be maintained for one or two years to accumulate certain nutrients and promote flowering. In addition, during the management of potted plants, we should pay attention to the methods of wiping buds, pinching and thinning inflorescences in time, so as to achieve faster results.

1. how to sow

1. Preparation of seeds: The seeds of jasmine should be well preserved before sowing. Before sowing, select the appropriate seeds, select the full seeds, and select the seeds that have been preserved for too long, otherwise the germination rate will be affected, and the seeds will not be suitable for germination.After selecting the seeds, soak them in mild water for a few hours and remove them.

2, preparation of soil: soil this factor can also affect the germination, need to provide loose, fertile, breathable soil, need to be acidic soil, first disinfection after use.

3. Seeding: Spray water on the soil with a small watering can to keep it moist, then tidy up the soil, sow the seeds evenly, pay attention to the spacing, do not plant too densely, keep the depth at about 1-2 cm, and cover it with a layer of 0.5-1 cm of thin soil.

4. Later-stage management: After sowing, a layer of plastic film is covered on the soil, which can play the role of heat preservation and moisture preservation, stabilize the surrounding temperature at about 20 degrees Celsius, and can germinate normally after a period of time.After germination, you can lift the plastic film above, do a good job of maintenance and management, ensure adequate light, reasonable water and fertilizer.

2. Seeding Time

The best time for jasmine sowing is from April to August every year, when the germination rate is the highest and the growth is the best.


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