How does Lily bulb water, can Lily water raise?

Gustavo Fring
2020-11-16 11:23:35
In winter cutting green radish is also possible, but pay attention to adjust the temperature, if not in the natural temperature, too cold it is not good rooting. The best temperature for cutting in winter is about 20 C, so that it can take root better. The suitable cutting season is late spring, early summer and autumn, because the temperature is suitable at this time. In addition, cuttings do not have to bury too much soil, half of the cuttings buried in the soil on the line.

1. how to water

Lily bulbs can not stand the wet growth environment, so watering should pay attention to, just planted down can be watered thoroughly, can promote the bulb and soil fit, do not excessive watering, for later growth has a greater impact.In the later period of maintenance and growth, the frequency of water supply should be changed according to the different seasons. In spring, it is in the period of growth, a small amount of water is poured in the early stage, and when it grows rapidly in the later period, it is necessary to increase the water supply appropriately. In summer, the evaporation is vigorous, so the water supply should be timely, and a small amount of water is needed when it grows slowly after flowering.Every time you give water, you only need to irrigate thoroughly, and you must not give too much water.Be careful not to pour directly on the seed balls to prevent rot.

2. can water raise it

Lily can be raised in water, and it is also very good for maintenance, but we must pay attention to good methods in the process of maintenance.Before preparing water, we need to prepare containers and water quality, which can be used after standing tap water, volatilizing chlorine can be conducive to growth.In the maintenance process, attention should be paid to regular water exchange to keep the water clean, bacteria are easy to breed in summer high temperature period, water can be exchanged for 2-3 days, when water is exchanged, only 2-3 drops of nutrient solution are needed, too high concentration will affect normal growth, leading to early withering of flowers.

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