Carnation how cuttage (cuttage step diagram)

Jane Margolis
2020-11-16 11:23:35
Its cultivation method is relatively simple, and suitable soil should be prepared to ensure high porosity, good drainage performance and acidity. The pot should be deep enough for the root system to spread out. After preparing the potting soil, they can be planted in pots. When planting, carefully fill and compact the soil to avoid tilting. After planting timely watering, moisturizing, but also pay attention to the temperature, as long as the environment is suitable, about a week can grow new buds. Later, pay attention to management, you can grow vigorously.

1. Time Selection

It is very important to choose the time of cutting carnation, and it is easier to survive at the appropriate time.Spring and autumn are the times when it grows faster, and it is the most suitable time for cutting.Summer temperatures rise faster, and the weather is also very hot, we must avoid the hot summer cuttings, so as not to rot branches.

2. Cutting the cuttings

When selecting cuttings, they should be cut from healthy plants, preferably with 3-4 pairs of open leaves and 1 pair of unopened leaves.The length is about 7cm, and the bottom leaves need to be cut off.In addition, the growth of lateral buds will be faster.

3. Preparation of substrate

Before cutting, it is necessary to prepare some substrates suitable for its growth.It likes to grow in alkaline soil, and also has a good loose, sand, perlite can be mixed.Or buy the soil directly, but it must be alkaline soil.

4. Cutting

Cuttings are also not difficult, after pruning the branches, insert them into the prepared substrate, almost 2-3cm, and then use the surrounding soil to press them.After cutting, it should be watered thoroughly, placed in a relatively dark position, and ensure good ventilation, almost a month's time can grow roots.

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