The origin of Hewanglan's name

Saul Goodman
2020-08-31 11:00:03
There are many names of Hewanglan, Paradise Bird and paradise bird. It seems that every name of Hewanglan has something to do with birds. So how does the name of Hewanglan come from?

Or a wild flower

Although it's called orchid, it's actually a perennial herbaceous plant of Cannaceae, not Orchidaceae. Originally a wild flower from the Cape of good hope in southern Africa, Bird of paradise flower is regarded by black people as a symbol of "freedom, auspiciousness and happiness". But in fact, for a long time, Hewanglan was in a state of obscurity.

Strelitzia Regina

Hewanglan named Paradise Bird

Charlotte, the beloved queen of King George II in the 18th century, thought that the shape of the flower was very similar to the bird's crown and beak because she liked this kind of flowers and plants best. The original name of her hometown was paradise bird village, so she gave the flower a name of "Paradise Bird" and later it was also called paradise bird.

Hewanglan in China

However, Chinese horticultural experts think that its shape is like a crane stretching out its neck and overlooking the countryside, so it is also called "crane watching orchid".

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