Who is orchid for

Marie Schrader
2021-06-24 08:55:37
Orchids are suitable for friends. Since ancient times, orchids have been used to describe the behavior of friends. Giving orchids to friends can show that two people are like-minded and appreciate each other. Orchids are also suitable for high expectations of the elders, to show their respect and respect for him. Orchids are also suitable for people with noble, noble and noble conduct. In addition, orchids are also suitable for patriots, lovers and partners.

1、 Who is orchid for

1. Confidant friend: Orchid symbol meaning is very good, suitable for your confidant friend. Since ancient times, orchid can be used to describe the friendship between friends, because the behavior of friendship as brothers is also known as Jinlan's good, so to give their confidants and friends, can show that two people are like-minded, have a common goal, can also express appreciation, hope that the friendship between each other can be deeper and better

2. Elders: orchids are also suitable for the highly respected elders to express their respect and respect

3. People with noble conduct: orchids are also suitable for people with noble conduct and good morality, that is, people with gentleman style. Qu Yuan compares orchid to a gentleman in his poem, which is also one of the four gentlemen in the flower. Orchid's elegant demeanor is beautiful, more dignified, with delicate fragrance, so orchid has a noble gentleman's demeanor

4. Patriots: orchids also represent the integrity of the Chinese nation, suitable for patriots, orchids have a deep national plot, but also have a sense of identity with the national spirit, you can borrow orchids to praise each other's patriotic behavior

5. Lovers: orchids can also be given to their lovers, expressing their pure love for their partners, symbolizing one heart and one mind, intimacy

2、 The flower language of orchid

Orchid flower language is indifferent, noble, virtuous, elegant, beautiful, in foreign countries, its flower language is warm, self-confidence, friendship

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