What are the plants that ward off evil spirits

Gustavo Fring
2021-06-24 08:54:22
There are many plants to ward off evil spirits, such as cactus. The whole plant is full of spines, which can ward off evil spirits and remove evil spirits. There are peach trees, its wood is fine and smooth, with a strong fragrance, has been a tree species to ward off evil since ancient times. There are wormwood, play exorcism, to the effect of evil, in the Dragon Boat Festival, suitable for placed in front of the window or the door. In addition, there are willow, cypress, gourd, dogwood, bergamot, Clivia, gingko, Sapindus mukorossi, locust and so on.

1、 Cactus

The cactus is full of spikes, which can ward off evil spirits. It can get rid of evil spirits and ghosts, and use the spikes on the plant to drive away some ghosts. And cactus maintenance is very simple, do not need to worry about maintenance, it is suitable for raising at home

2、 Peach tree

Since ancient times, peach has been a kind of tree to ward off evil spirits. Its wood is fine and smooth, with a strong fragrance. Legend has it that peach trees are the essence of the five elements. Many Taoists carry peach trees with peach trees. During the Spring Festival, many people hang peach characters on the door to suppress the ghost and play a role in dispelling the gloomy effect. o:p>

3、 Willow

Willow is also a kind of plant to ward off evil spirits and protect the house. In spring, willow branches can be placed at the head of the bed to ward off evil spirits and calm the heart

4、 Wormwood

Wormwood exudes a faint fragrance. In the Dragon Boat Festival, many people will hang wormwood by the window or at the gate to get rid of evil spirits

5、 Cypress

Cypress also has a certain anti evil effect. According to legend, cypress can resist evil things such as "evil spirits" and can be planted at home or on the graves of deceased families

6、 Gourd

Gourd can calm the house, change the evil spirit, strengthen the body and get rid of diseases. It has an auspicious effect

7、 Other plants

In addition, there are dogwood, bergamot, Clivia, ginkgo, Sapindus, Sophora and so on.

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