Flower language and legend of silk orchid

Lydia Rodarte-Quayle
2020-08-06 09:00:03
Silk orchid is a kind of beautiful flower. Most beautiful flowers have many beautiful stories. Silk orchid also has its own legend. Besides, do you know the flower language of silk orchid?

The flower language of silk orchid

Yucca is a beautiful flower for breeding. It is the national flower of Seychelles.

The flower language of silk orchid is richness.

The Flower Language of Yucca

Legend of silk orchid

Speaking of silk orchid, we have to mention silk orchid moth. Silk orchid moth and silk orchid are a strange symbiotic relationship. In fact, there are many such relationships in nature, which involve the pollination of flowers. Many flowers will pollinate with the help of insects, such as bees and butterflies, but these insects pollinate flowers more generously. They will choose many plants to pollinate them.

However, there are exceptions in nature. There are also some insects that pollinate a single flower, and this flower can only rely on this insect for pollination. They are inseparable, just like silk orchid and silk orchid moth.

Silk orchid and silk orchid moth are a symbiotic relationship, they have always been so, depending on each other, never leave. At sunset, the flowers of silk orchid will open and send out fragrance. At this time, the silk orchid moth will come and pollinate it, and then lay its eggs in the ovary of silk orchid, and silk orchid will raise its larvae. Later, the seeds of silk orchid gradually mature, and the larvae of silk orchid moth gradually grow up. They will bite the fruit of silk orchid, come to the ground, pupate in the soil, and bloom the next year. Break out the cocoon and pollinate the silk orchid. They are such a strange relationship, symbiosis, interdependence, is each other's only partner.

The Legend of Yucca

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