Fengshui function of luohansong

Mike Ehrmantraut
2020-08-12 08:32:25
From ancient times to modern times, luohansong has a good moral of prosperous house, health, auspiciousness and fortune, so it is often used for interior decoration. Because Fengshui has strict requirements for fortune, so luohansong also plays an important role in Fengshui. So what is the function of geomancy of luohansong?

Luohansong's Fengshui implied

The main reason why luohansong is favored by the world is that it has the functions of "making money" and "transforming evil spirits". First, as far as the habits of the Podocarpus are concerned, it is evergreen all the year round. In Fengshui, Podocarpus can grow both prosperous and rich. Second, in Buddhism, arhat is a symbol of well-being. Later, the famous eighteen Arhats were looked up by ordinary people and benefited all living beings. Therefore, arhat song is considered to be able to pursue good fortune and avoid evil, dispel evil and turn evil spirits

Feng Shui implied by Luo Hansong

The planting reason of Zhaocai luohansong

In Chinese tradition, luohansong symbolizes longevity and is considered to bring happiness and well-being to the family. Especially in temples and some famous ancient temples, luohansong is still growing, which has been planted for generations to ward off evil spirits and avoid harm. In addition, several arhat pines are often planted outside the house and in the courtyard, which not only symbolizes auspiciousness, but also wealth. In addition, luohansong also has the function of improving mind, cultivating body and mind, but Fengshui is extremely strict with the requirement of recruiting money, so there is another voice that luohansong has thorny branches and leaves, so it is not suitable to be placed in the position of wealth

Reasons for Planting Podocarpus macrophyllus in Zhaocai

Luo Hansong's Fengshui is exquisite.

Horticultural experts show that in recent years, there is a great relationship between luohansong and villa fever in the Pearl River Delta. The rich people in the Pearl River Delta often plant plants such as luohansong to attract money. At the same time, compared with cactus and other small plants, luohansong is more vibrant, so it can be placed in the festive place where it needs to be prosperous, which can promote popularity and bring good things.

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