Effect and function of Marigold

Marie Schrader
2020-07-21 08:16:15
Marigold has many functions and functions. Its roots can have certain effects on mastitis, mumps and other diseases. Its leaves can treat symptoms such as furuncles and furuncles. Its inflorescences can treat milk pain. Its flowers can dissipate phlegm and clear away heat. In addition, it can also be used to beautify the environment in the garden and make vegetables.

I. efficacy

1. Root: the external use of the root of this plant has a good therapeutic effect on mastitis, mumps and other diseases, while the internal use can treat toothache, stomatitis, pharyngitis, keratophthalmitis, bronchitis, pertussis, upper respiratory tract infection and other symptoms;

2. Leaves: the leaves of this plant can be used to treat innominate swollen poison, often used to treat furuncles, boils and other symptoms.

3. Inflorescence: the inflorescence of this plant can be used to treat the symptoms of mumps, breast pain, cough, cold and cough, infantile convulsion, headache, eye pain, dizziness, etc.

4. Flower: its flower can dissipate phlegm, relieve cough, clear away heat, detoxify, etc., and can also be made into antispasmodic, sedative, bacteriostatic, etc..

II. Function

1. Ornamental: it has a long flowering period, large flower shape, bright color, and strong adaptability to the environment, so it is very suitable to be planted in flower beds, urban roads and other places for ornamental purposes, as well as beautifying the environment.

2. Edible: the flower of this plant is edible, and it is also a very delicious delicacy. Wash the fresh petals, then wrap them with powder and fry them in oil. Its flowers originally have a stinky smell, but after cooking, they will become very attractive fragrance, which will give people endless aftertaste.

3. Pigment: the plant can also extract natural yellow pigment, which can be used in food and medicine. Many industries, agriculture are useful.


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