Choose plants according to the five elements to add good luck to you

Marie Schrader
2020-09-01 16:28:43
There are also five elements of yin and Yang in plants: white belongs to gold, green belongs to wood, blue belongs to fire, red belongs to fire and yellow belongs to earth. According to the characteristics of the host, appropriate flowers and plants are placed in the home to release the positive energy field of the plant, which is pleasant to the eyes and good for physical and mental health.



For those who like gold, they can choose the plants belonging to white and yellow gold, such as orange, Magnolia, white leaf and silver flower, Daphne, Yingui, white clove, nocturnal fragrance, etc., which are helpful to expel the turbid Qi, benefit the large intestine, lung and nose of people, and nourish the spirit of vitality. It can be matched with metal flower utensils and accessories. During the Spring Festival, it is suitable for cultivating Money Tree, ten thousand Liang gold, money trees, Narcissus, yellow oranges, etc., implying prosperity of wealth.



People who belong to wood are suitable for keeping green plants of wood, such as orchid, cactus, rich and precious bamboo, Guanyin bamboo, Chlorophytum, etc., which are good for calming the mind, clearing the liver and brightening the eyes. Green plants are mostly sun loving, which are suitable for photosynthesis in sunny places. It's better to choose seed plants because they have the meaning of "hair".



People who belong to water like to keep blue water plants, such as Clivia, lotus, Kaiyun bamboo, Rohdea japonica, etc., which make people energetic, strong, healthy and prolong life. It belongs to water dark green plant, which can regulate kidney deficiency and other diseases. Match with blue or transparent glass flower, plant and transport bamboo and Rohdea japonica in spring, which means good luck and happiness.



People who like fire should plant red fire plants, such as flamingo, Phalaenopsis, Impatiens, fire pomegranate, etc., to make heart disease and nourish heart with red. It is helpful to improve timidity, occlusion and introversion. It's best to choose red flowers and flower utensils. In addition, flamingo flower should be inserted in the water moss and planted in the basin after rooting.

Earth hammer


Native people, suitable for yellow native plants, such as Cymbidium, cinnamon, forsythia, chrysanthemum and so on, can enhance gastrointestinal function and help digestion. Those with gastrointestinal obstruction can nourish their stomach and appetite. Most of the earth plants are indoor shade resistant. They should use black flower or Jeweled flower. At the same time, emerald and cactus can be used as substitutes for planting.

Flower friends can view their five elements according to the following year of birth.

Jiazi born in 19241984 >

Jinming (19251985), born in the year of Yichou

Fire life in the furnace of Bingyin (19261986)

Fire life in the annual furnace of Ding Mao (1927, 1987) )

Born in the year of the fifth birthday of Dalin mumming (19281988) )

He was born in 19291989 < /O: P > .

Life beside the road in the year of Gengwu (193090) )

Xinweinian's life near the road (19311991) )

Jin Ming (19321992), born in the year of Renshen

Jian Feng Jin Ming (19331993), born in Guiyou

The fire life of the mountain in Jiaxu (19341994) < /O: P > )

In the year of Yihai (1935, 1995), the fire life of mountain top was .

The life span of the river (19361996)

Ding Chou niansheng Jian's life (1937, 1997) .

Born in 19381998, the life of the city head in the year of Wuyin (19381998) )

Born in 19391999, the life of the city head in the year of Jimao (19391999) )

Golden life of white wax born in the age of Gengchen (19402000) >

Xinsi born in 19412001 >

Willow life (19422002), born in Renwu

Willow life of Kuiwei (19432003) < /O: P > )

Water life in Jiashen spring (19442004) )

Water life in Yiyou spring (19452005) < /O: P > )

Life on earth (19462006)

Life on earth of Dinghai house (19472007) )

Thunderbolt life in the year of Wuzi (1948, 2008) >

Thunderbolt life in the year of your ugliness (19492009) )

Life of pines and cypresses born in 19502010

Life of pine and cypress (19512011) born in Xinmao

Water life in the year of Renchen (19522012) )

Water life in Guisi (1953, 2013) )

Gold life of sandstone in Jiawu (1954, 2014) )

Gold life of Yiwei annual sandstone (19552015) )

The life of fire under the mountain in the year of bingshen (19562016)

The fire life of Ding you (1957, 2017) )

Life in Wuxu (19582018)

The life of earth and trees in the year of 1911 (1959, 219) )

Soil life on the annual wall of gengzi (19602020) < /O: P > )

Soil life on the wall of xinchou (19612021) < /O: P > )

Jinbo Jinming (19622022), born in the year of renyin

Guimao born in 19632023 .

Light life in Jiachen (1964, 224) < /O: P > )

Lighting life in Yisi (1965, 2025) )

Water life of Tianhe River (19662026)

Dingwei, born in 1967, 227, Tianhe water life .

Earth life of Dayi (19682028), born in the year of Wushen

Earth life of Dayi (19692029) )

Born in the year of Gengshu (19702030)

Born in 1911, the golden life of hairpin ring (19712031) )

Zhemuming (19722032) was born in the year of Renzi < /O: P > .

Life of sangzhemu (19732033) )

Water life of Daxi River (19742034) born in Jiayin

Water life of Daxi (19752035) < /O: P > )

Soil life (19762036)

Soil life in sand (19772037) < /O: P > )

Born in the year of the fifth lunar month (19782038) )

Life in the sky (19792039) < /O: P > )

Pomegranate wood life (19802040) born in the year of Gengshen

Pomegranate life (19812041) < /O: P > )

Great sea life (19822042) born in renxu

Guihai was born in 19832043 O: P >

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