Application of Datura in geomancy

Hank Schrader
2020-08-18 09:03:57
Datura is a poisonous plant, so can't it be put at home? No, we can, just choose according to geomancy, and there are many taboos.

Datura's home geomancy display

In fact, Datura is not suitable for indoor display, because plants are cultivated at home. In consideration of fengshui, people will generally choose plants with better meaning in Fengshui science, such as Money Tree, copperhead or Fortunella, which all have good meaning

And Datura is not so, from some of its legends, or meaning, it is a mysterious and poisonous plant, who dares to be with it

Basically, because Datura is highly toxic, unless it has other functions, generally no one will plant it at home, except for the scarred woman, who will plant a pot of Datura at home. Of course, some people think that Datura is a magic plant that can be used to get rid of evil spirits, and they will be willing to plant it.

Datura Home Feng Shui Placement

The principle of Mandala

In fact, Datura can also be used as a good choice for home furnishing. As long as you can ignore its toxicity, after all, the beauty of Datura flowers also has fragrance, which gives people a romantic and mysterious feeling. It is very unique when placed at home. In general, when the mandala is placed, it is more suitable for British or French style. It can match with Chinese classical style, especially the rural style, which can give people a mysterious feeling of transcendence.

However, Datura itself is a highly toxic plant, which may cause cancer and hallucination. After all, flowers are for beauty, but not for the purpose of harming people's health. Therefore, it's better not to put Datura indoors. It's better to plant it in the courtyard. Please pay attention not to let children touch it and avoid poisoning.

The Principle of Placing Datura Stramonium

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