The Efficacy and Function of Osmanthus

Lydia Rodarte-Quayle
2020-11-16 11:23:35
The origin of poplar catkins and willow catkins are different, poplar catkins grow from poplar trees and belong to the seeds of poplar trees; Catkins grow from willow trees and are the seeds of willow trees. Appearance time is different, poplar catkins generally appear first, can last a week; Catkins will appear late. Texture is different, poplar flocculent cohesion is strong, feeling like cotton, short transmission distance; The fibers of willow catkins are scattered and gentle, and spread far with the wind.

1. cough and phlegm

The flowers of osmanthus can be used as medicine. After eating, they can remove the cold in the body. They also have the effects of relieving cough, reducing phlegm, and nourishing and moistening the lung. In addition, eating the flowers of osmanthus can also remove the peculiar smell in the mouth. Common eating methods include osmanthus cakes and osmanthus cakes.

2. Eliminating dampness and dispelling cold

The fruit and root of Osmanthus fragrans can also be used as medicine. They have the effect of dispelling dampness and cold. After eating, they can effectively reduce the pain caused by rheumatism. However, when eating the fruit and root of Osmanthus fragrans, you must follow the doctor's advice. You cannot be as casual as eating the flowers of Osmantha fragrans.

3. Beauty

The flowers of osmanthus are very suitable to be collected and made into osmanthus tea. The prepared osmanthus tea has a soft fragrance and a delicious taste. Frequent drinking of the tea can play a role in beautifying the face. In addition, frequent drinking of the tea can also relieve sore throat and effectively improve the symptoms of excessive phlegm and cough.

Sweet-scented osmanthus

4. Strengthening the Spleen and Tonifying Deficiency

The osmanthus tea made of osmanthus flowers, if drunk regularly, can also regulate duodenal ulcer, improve the human body's symptoms such as stomach cold and stomachache, especially for people with body cold and stomach deficiency, is very suitable for drinking osmanthus tea, can play the role of warming and tonifying Yang qi, alleviating autumn dryness, if drunk in moderation, it also has the effect of strengthening the spleen and tonifying deficiency.

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