The distinction of Bai Jingju and Daisy, what meaning to stand for respectively?

Jane Margolis
2020-11-16 11:23:35
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1. Introduction to Differences

1. Different families and genera: feverfew and Daisy belong to two different genera of the same family, both are Compositae, but the former is Chrysanthemum, the latter is Daisy.Another difference is that the former are annuals and biennials, while the latter are perennials, but are mostly cultivated as annuals and biennials.

2. The flowers are different: both are heads, and the ligulate flowers are white and the tubular flowers are yellow, but if you look carefully, you can find the differences.The flowers of white chrysanthemum are larger, the petals are wider, the shape is oval, and very compact, the stamens are a little concave, the color is yellow with green.The flowers of daisies are slightly smaller, with slender petals, a certain gap between them, protruding stamens, and yellow color.

3. Different leaves: the leaves of feverfew are alternate and pinnately parted, while the leaves of Daisy are parasitic, spoon-shaped, blunt at the top and wavy at the edge.

4. Different distribution: Both feverfew and Daisy are native to Europe, but the former is mainly in North Africa and Spain, while the latter is in the Mediterranean region, but is now widely cultivated all over the world.Comparatively speaking, the latter has more varieties and stronger adaptability to the environment.

2. What do they stand for respectively

Flos Chrysanthemi

White chrysanthemum represents many meanings, such as innocence, its white petals show this characteristic.And it also has the meaning of yearning for sunshine, because it can not open without sunshine.In addition, it also implies mystery and elegance, usually in a quiet place.Daisy is also rich in meaning, such as innocence, peace, hope and pure beauty, in addition, it is deeply hidden in the heart of love.

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