Hemerocallis flower language and moral, what legends?

Jane Margolis
2020-11-16 11:23:35
Tiger thorn plum leaves are often due to poor maintenance. If it is caused by soil discomfort, it needs to be replanted with loose and fertile soil. If it is caused by too much watering, it is necessary to discharge the water in time and control the watering in peacetime. If it is caused by insufficient light, it needs to be placed in the sunny place to receive light. If the temperature is too low, it is necessary to move indoors to keep warm before winter.

1. Flower Language and Implication

1, love to forget: Hemerocallis is rich in flower language meaning is very rich, one of the flower language is love to forget, said to forget the mood and emotion before.It means that although you have had deep feelings before, they will eventually disappear with the passage of time.

2, hidden mood: Hemerocallis also a flower language is hidden mood, meaning not easily reveal their emotions, the mood changes hidden.

3, to lay down their worries: Hemerocallis alias also known as the grass forget worries, flower language is to lay down their worries, meaning to forget the unhappy unhappy things before, only remember happy happy things.

Mother's flower: Hemerocallis fulva is the mother's flower in China. The moral of the flower is to love you forever, mother. It symbolizes the great maternal love and expresses the mother's silent love for him.

2. Legends and Stories

Legend has it that Chen Sheng, a peasant leader, was very poor before. Because he could not eat, he could only beg for food to make a living. When he begged for food, his whole body was swollen and painful.One day, begging for food to a mother and daughter surnamed Huang, Huang mother-in-law poor Chen Sheng, steamed three bowls of Hemerocallis flowers for him to eat, not only full, a few days later, the whole body edema also subsided.Later, after the success of Chen Sheng's uprising, he specially took Huang's mother and daughter into the palace to thank them.


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