The flower language of tiger skin orchid and allegory, give a person to have what taboo

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2020-11-16 11:23:35
Hollyhock's flower language is a dream, which can be understood as insisting on pursuing dreams and persisting in dreams. It is a highly ornamental flower plant, which can be given to friends to wish him a dream, hoping that he can work hard for his dream, as long as he is willing to work hard, the dream can be realized. You can also give red hollyhocks to your wife to show her gentle personality, a good wife and mother, representing her love, which is also a kind of praise.

1. Flower Language

1, firm: Tiger orchid is a common ornamental plant, one of its flower language is firm, its leaf surface has the same pattern as the tiger, so hence the name.The shape of the leaf is the same as the sword, pointing straight to the position of the sky, standing up, implying a very firm, indomitable spirit, strong to face the difficulties of life.

2. Fortitude: Because the leaf part is very much like a long sword, the whole plant is tall and straight, standing in the flowerpot, so the flower language not only has the meaning of firmness, but also has the meaning of fortitude and upright, as if it can be used to settle many uneven things, with a vigorous and powerful spirit.

3, perseverance: In addition to the above two common flower language, tiger orchid also has patience, perseverance flower language implication, implication can be strong in the face of life, to the difficulties in life, with the spirit of patience.

2. What are the taboos of giving it away

The tiger orchid is highly ornamental, has strong vitality, and has a good moral, so it is suitable for giving away. During the holidays, you can go to the flower market to choose a pot and give it to your colleagues, leaders, and friends.The moral aspect is mostly positive, so there are not too many taboos in giving gifts.

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