Narcissus flower language and moral, what are the legends?

Walter White
2020-11-16 11:23:35
Honeysuckle flower language is wholeheartedly dedicated to love you, true love. Because it is usually a stalk of two flowers, in pairs of flowering, like Mandarin ducks. And the Mandarin duck represents true love. In addition, it also implies kindness. Because it is not only a kind of flower, but also a kind of medicinal material, which has high medicinal value and is very similar to people's kind quality. In addition, there are romantic legends about it.

1. the flower language and implication of daffodils

1. Flower language: There are two Chinese flower languages of daffodils. The first one is purity, which refers to pure love between men and women, and also refers to women's noble moral character. The second one is auspiciousness, which is mainly a gift between relatives and friends, meaning good luck.

2. Implication: Narcissus has a good meaning of good luck. If you give it to others or raise it at home during the Spring Festival every year, you will have good luck and good wishes for everything, which will be used to increase the happiness of your family.

What are the stories and legends of daffodils

Since the Yellow Emperor, there have been three leaders with both ability and political integrity in the Yellow River valley, namely Yao, Shun and Yu, and the legend of Narcissus is related to Yao and Shun among them.Legend has it that Emperor Yao had two daughters, namely Ehuang and Nvying, and Emperor Yao married them both to Shun at the same time, making his sister the queen and his sister the concubine.However, the feelings of the two sisters are very good, married to Shun, the feelings of the three are also very affectionate, later Shun in a sudden death during the southern tour, Ehuang and Nvying two people will both die in Xiangjiang.The two sisters moved the world with their love, and God took pity on them, turning the souls of Ehuang and Nvying into daffodils by the Xiangjiang River, and since then, they have become daffodils in the twelfth lunar month.


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