The flower language of azaleas and allegory, what legend story it has?

Mike Ehrmantraut
2020-11-16 11:23:35
Epiphyllum belongs to the cactus family, this plant will release carbon dioxide at night, flowering time will be very strong aroma, so it is not recommended to put in the bedroom, can be placed in the living room or balcony above. Attention should be paid to the usual maintenance, if there are flowers, you can not water first, you can moisturize by spraying water, usually the soil is wet.

1. The Flower Language and Implication of Rhododendron

1. Flower language: The flower language of the cuckoo is "belong to you forever", which is very suitable for lovers to give each other, expressing their love and loyalty to their lovers.

2. Implication: The azalea has the beautiful implication that the country is prosperous and strong, and the friendship with other countries will last forever. In addition, the azalea also represents missing, which means missing your lover and your family far away from home.

2. What are the stories and legends of the cuckoo

Legend has it that in ancient Shu, there was a founding king named Du Yu. The king and his queen were very affectionate. Later, the king was assassinated, leaving the queen alone in the palace.Although the king was dead, the king's soul turned into a cuckoo and sang around the queen every day.The tears that the birds shed turned out to be bright red, and they dyed the flowers in the garden red. Since then, people have called them azaleas.

When the queen saw this, she realized that it was the soul of the king. Under the extreme sadness, her body became thinner and thinner, and finally she died of depression.After the queen's death, her soul turned into azaleas all over the mountains and fields, accompanied by the cuckoo bird of the king's soul day by day, which is the story of "cuckoo crying blood, son returning to cry".Also because the king and the queen never abandon the love, after being given the azalea to express thoughts, love the moral.


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