Gardenia bubble water to drink taboos, gardenia how to drink water bubble.

Marie Schrader
2020-11-16 11:23:35
Rhododendron fertilization can choose organic fertilizer or liquid fertilizer, in March to May to fertilize once a week, until the summer dormancy is not fertilized. In autumn, some phosphorus and potassium fertilizers can be applied in September, and in winter, fertilization should be stopped. The amount of fertilization should be small, thin fertilizer should be applied frequently, if the amount is too large, it can be treated by watering or changing potting soil.

1. the taboo of drinking water

1, can't drink for a long time: Gardenia is used to soak water to drink, although it is good for the body, but can't drink for a long time, it belongs to the cold nature, long-term drink words not only can't play the effect that should have, still may be bad to the body, so usually drink a period of time to stop.

2, can not drink too much: usually soak water to drink need to be appropriate, drink a little can play a role, can not drink too much at one time, otherwise it will lead to diarrhea and other problems.If you feel uncomfortable after drinking, you need to ask the doctor in time.

3. Not suitable for people: Although gardenia soaking in water has certain benefits, it is not suitable for all people to drink. People with weak spleen and stomach should not drink it, and people with rising deficiency fire should not drink it, and patients with deficiency of kidney-yang had better not drink it to prevent the situation from aggravating.

2. how to drink water

1, picking flowers: Gardenia in fact can be directly to buy a good family sun, select a good quality to buy home.If you have gardenia at home, you can also make it yourself, which is relatively simple, and when the flowering period, you will pick the open flowers.

2. Treatment and drying: Rinse the picked flowers with water, cut off the calyx and pedicel of the flowers, and dry them in the oven.


3, add water to brew: After processing, you can add water to brew drinking.

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