Can Gardenia Soak water to drink, what effect does bubble water drink?

Skyler White
2020-11-16 11:23:35
If you want rhododendrons to bloom all the year round, you should choose a good variety, and the four seasons Rhododendron is one of them. When breeding, we should make up water reasonably, water can not be more or less, and soil moisture is the best state. Nutrients in the soil should be sufficient, fertilizer should be applied in time during the growing season, and plants should be pruned properly. In the maintenance of 2 years or so but also a repotting, repotting time to remember the root, after the pot to be placed in the shade.

1. can you drink water & nbsp;

Gardenia is a kind of daily flower. People breed it as an ornamental plant. In addition to its ornamental value, it is also a kind of medicinal material. It can be used to soak in water to drink. It is better for the body and has a certain health care effect.With gardenia soaking in water, you can directly buy dried flowers, or pick fresh flowers, wash them in clean water, then cut off the calyx and pedicel, press the corolla into a thin layer, and then dry them in the oven to make scented tea, which can be brewed with warm water for drinking.You can drink a little daily, but you can't drink for a long time, and you can't drink too much every time.

2. What does it do?

1. Promote digestion: Gardenia contains cellulose, which can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, promote food digestion as soon as possible, help defecation, alleviate the symptoms of constipation, and reduce waste in the body.

2. Clear heat and reduce fire: It is cold by nature, so it can reduce fire, clear heat and detoxify, promote the discharge of fire in the body, and eliminate boredom.

3, cough phlegm: with gardenia bubble out of the water, which contains substances can inhibit bacteria, can play the effect of cough phlegm.

4, protect the liver and gallbladder: Gardenia can also protect the liver and gallbladder, good for this.


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