Gardenia Flower Language, Gardenia Implication

Walter White
2020-11-16 11:23:35
When breeding, it is better to prepare the soil with good drainage performance, loose and slightly acidic pH value. It is not cold-resistant and can not tolerate high temperatures, so winter should be placed indoors and temperature control at more than 5 degrees, summer should be more ventilated, more sprinkler cooling. The amount of water consumed in the growing season is large, so it is necessary to moisturize, but avoid water accumulation. Usually placed in the light, more sunshine leaves will be more green, but the strong light to block and avoid. In addition, pay attention to regular pruning.

1. Flower Language

1, strong: Gardenia from the winter when the bud began to breed, but the middle to go through a long period of time, until the summer to open flowers, especially in winter climate is very cold, it is in this period of time to breed bud, with a strong spirit, so the flower language is also derived from this.

2. Eternal love: Since the flower gave birth to the bud, the leaves have been waiting for the flower to bloom. After a lot of time, they have not given up waiting. It represents an agreement, an agreement to stick to it. The flower has not given up. In order to meet the agreement, they have been sticking to it until the flower blooms, so it also shows eternal love.

3. Joy: The blooming of flowers is a very beautiful scene, which brings a kind of hope to the summer, so it is full of joy, and the flower language also gives this meaning.

2. Implication

Its moral is better, meaning good luck, good luck, gardenia to others, can symbolize the good luck to him, to express the most sincere blessing.It can also imply elegant and pure friendship, express sincere feelings between friends, pay without reservation, and hide nothing between friends.


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