When does Gardenia bloom

Lydia Rodarte-Quayle
2019-12-28 10:40:26
The flowering period of gardenia is mainly in spring and summer, mainly from May to August. However, there are also differences in different places. The specific flowering time may be early or late. It is also possible that due to maintenance, proper maintenance may lead to early or timely flowering, and poor maintenance may lead to late or even non flowering.

When does it bloom?

It is generally spring and summer, mainly from May to August. However, this is only a general period of time. The specific flowering period of plants is related to many specific factors. For example, climate. Different regions have different climates, so the specific flowering time will be slightly different, but it will also be concentrated around this time period.

It is also related to maintenance. If all conditions are suitable, the plant may bloom in the flowering period on time, or even early; if the maintenance is not good, the flowering period may be relatively delayed, or even no flowers at all.

2. Precautions

(1) water and fertilizer: water and fertilizer should be appropriate. There is enough water, but no water. At the same time of watering, we should apply some fertilizer containing phosphorus and potassium, which should not be too much.

(2) light: it can't be too cloudy or too strong in the flowering period, which will affect the flowering. It's best to put it where there is scattered light.

(3) soil: the selection of soil is also related to the subsequent flowering. It has many nutrients, good drainage and must be acid soil. If the soil is alkaline, it is easy for the plant to fail to bloom.

(4) pruning: if not pruned, some disordered branches and dense branches will consume too much nutrients, and the nutrients for flowers will not be enough. Therefore, before flowering, it should be pruned.


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