What should we pay attention to when we raise Rohdea japonica on the balcony

Lydia Rodarte-Quayle
2020-05-06 09:29:55
Evergreen is more suitable to be raised on the balcony. Seeing light is not only good for growth, but also good for the glossy and glossy leaves. In summer, pay attention to the good light and block the strong light. Evergreen likes to be wet. Usually it can be watered 2-3 days, but not too much. During the growth period, fertilizer was applied every half a month, and in winter, fertilization was suspended. The temperature shall be kept at about 20-30 ℃, and the temperature shall be controlled in winter, not lower than 7 ℃.

Can I have a balcony?

It is more suitable to be raised on the balcony, with better ornamental. This kind of plant can withstand shade, even if it is not exposed to light for a period of time, it has little impact on growth, but it is still in demand for sunlight. It can be moved to the balcony for cultivation, and reasonable light exposure is not only beneficial to the growth of the plant itself, but also conducive to the glossy and glossy leaves. Put on the balcony raise, need to pay attention to the summer light problem, at this time the sun is strong, need to block the strong light, otherwise the edge of the leaf will be charred.

How to maintain

1. Watering: it prefers to be wet, which is inseparable from water during growth and maintenance. However, it is afraid of ponding. Usually, it can be watered 2-3 days. But pay attention to not too much water, basin soil can not accumulate too much water, otherwise it may lead to rotten roots.

2. Fertilization: it also needs proper fertilization during its growth. During the growth period, it can apply fertilizer every half month. To the winter growth stagnation, can stop fertilization

Rohdea japonica

3. Temperature: it has strong adaptability, and the temperature is kept at about 20-30 ℃. Winter can not be lower than 7 degrees Celsius, so as to ensure a safe winter, if the temperature on the balcony is low, you can move to the indoor to maintain

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