What should we pay attention to when we grow periwinkles on the balcony

Hank Schrader
2020-06-29 14:06:35
It's best to keep it outdoors. At home, it can be maintained on the balcony. Sufficient light irradiation is not only beneficial to growth, but also promotes flowering. Pay attention to keep it on the south balcony. It is suitable for growing in fertile and well drained soil, and it is not allowed to use hard soil. It likes to be warm, and measures should be taken to keep it warm in winter. In normal growth, water supply should not be too much, but pay attention to fertilization, and apply compound fertilizer every 10 days.

I. light supplement

It is a light loving plant. It must have sufficient sunlight during its growth. If it lacks sunlight, it will grow in a dark place for a long time, which will cause the leaves to turn yellow and fall. It's better to keep it outdoors, which is good for growth. If it's maintained at home, it can be kept on the balcony, but it should be placed on the south balcony, so as to ensure good light, not on the north balcony. Sufficient light irradiation can help the plants grow vigorously and the flowers bloom well.

2. Soil preparation

It is suitable for growing in fertile, well drained soil, can not use hardening, alkaline soil, otherwise it will lead to poor growth, will be difficult to bloom.

Temperature requirements

It likes to be warm very much. If the temperature is between 18 ℃ and 24 ℃, it is good for growth. In winter, we should take measures to keep warm. If the temperature on the balcony is low, we should keep it indoors. The temperature should not be lower than 10 ℃.


IV. application of water and fertilizer

It is more afraid of water logging and does not need too much water supply. It can observe the situation of basin soil and supply water properly. A layer of basal fertilizer is applied at the bottom of flowerpot, and compound fertilizer is applied every 10 days during growth.

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