What is the difference between camphor and camphor?

Gustavo Fring
2020-07-09 08:49:08
The price of camphor tree is not stable. If the height of seedlings is about 40 cm, it is generally 4.5 yuan per tree. If the height of the tree is about 50-120cm, the price of a tree is about 5 yuan. If the number of purchases is relatively large, the price will be relatively cheaper, and the price of a single tree is relatively high. It is different from camphor, but it belongs to camphor tree.

I. sapling price

The price of camphor seedlings has a certain relationship with its height. If the height of the seedlings is about 40 cm, it is usually 4.5 yuan per tree; if the height of the seedlings is 50-120 cm, the price is mostly 5 yuan per tree. However, this kind of price is generally a large purchase price. If it is a single purchase, the price may be higher. The above prices are not fixed, and will also lead to price increase and decrease due to some

camphor tree

The difference between camphor and camphor

Cinnamomum camphora leaves for paper or thin leather, its trunk has a very obvious crack, is very easy to identify. The flowers are also very special, and the calyx can hardly be seen from the appearance. Camphor has the same resin as plum petals in its branches and leaves. It is a well-known medicinal material and a high-grade spice. Its leaf has the effect of preventing mosquito, can purify the air very well, it is more suitable for planting in the city.

Camphor camphor

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