Those Christmas related plants

Walter White
2020-07-31 09:15:16
There are many flowers, which are named according to the solar terms or festivals. The general feeling is given a special meaning. Well, let's take a look at the plants related to Christmas.

Poinsettia - Christmas red

Poinsettia bracts are very gorgeous and grow best at Christmas, so many people call it Christmas red or Christmas flower.

Poinsettia is a kind of ornamental plant. The main ornamental spot is the red bracts. In addition, bracts also have other colors. However, red is the most common color, which always gives people the feeling of red fire.

Crab claw orchid - Christmas cactus

Crab claw orchid is also called Christmas cactus, because it blooms around Christmas.

Crab claw orchid has beautiful flowers, attractive petals and gorgeous colors. Its flowering period is generally from November to January, but it can be controlled manually.

Apple - Christmas fruit

I don't know when to start. People like to eat apples at Christmas. So Apple has become a Christmas fruit.

In China. Apple is known as the fruit of peace, and the day before Christmas is Christmas Eve, it is also popular to eat apples on Christmas Eve. This is a kind of assimilation of western festivals in China.

Longevity flower - Christmas Garland

Longevity flower is also known as Christmas garland. It is a kind of flower with a long flowering period. It blooms mainly in winter and spring, and is often used as decoration at Christmas. So longevity flower also has the name of "Christmas Garland".

Winter coral - Christmas Nanking cherry

Winter coral is called Christmas Nanking cherry because its fruit looks like Nanking cherry, and the tree will be full of fruit at Christmas.

Winter corals usually bloom in spring and summer, ripen in autumn, and then last until winter. So it is an important fruit plant in autumn and winter.

Winter Coral-Christmas Cherry

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