The difference between cornflower and Daisy

Walter White
2020-06-29 14:06:35
Different plant types: the height of cornflower is about 30-70cm; the height of daisy is about 10cm. Flowers are different: the former has larger flower type, more layers of bracts and rich colors; the latter has smaller flower type, nearly two layers of involucral bracts, white on the periphery and yellow in the center. The fruit is different: the former is elliptical; the latter is flat.

I. different plant types

Cornflower is an annual or biennial herb, which is higher than the latter. The plant type looks more tall. The whole stem is relatively upright, and it will have branches, with a height of about 30-70 cm, which may be higher. The plant is covered with gray hair. Although the height of some low varieties is only about 20 cm, but also higher than the former

Daisy is an annual or perennial herb. Its plant type is much shorter and its height is about 10 cm.

The flowers are different.

Cornflower is a flower head with larger flower type, more layers of bracts on petals and rich colors, including white, red, blue, purple, etc.

Daisy's flower shape is relatively small, the involucral bracts are nearly 2 layers, there is also a layer, the outer color is white, the center is yellow


The fruit is different.

The fruit of cornflower is an oval achene, which is relatively small, about 3 mm in length and 1.5 mm in width, with fine stripes on it.


The achene of daisy is relatively flat. There are no veins on both sides of achene, and there may be 1 vein.


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