The difference between cornflower and chamomile

Jesse Pinkman
2020-06-29 14:06:35
Different plant types: the plant type of cornflower will be higher, with a height of about 30-70cm; the plant of chamomile will be shorter, with a height of about 30-50cm. Leaves are different: the leaves of the lower part of the cornflower are divided and relatively large; the leaves of the chamomile are pinnately divided and relatively small. The flowers are different: the flowers of cornflower are big and rich in color; the flowers of chamomile are small, yellow on the outside and white on the inside.

I. different plant types

Cornflower is an annual or biennial herb with a higher plant type, about 30-70cm in height, or even higher. It starts to branch from the middle part, rarely without branching. The stem of the whole plant has non white villi, like filamentous thin curly hair, which belongs to the genus cornflower.

Chamomile is an annual or perennial herb, the plant will be shorter, the whole plant height is about 30-50 cm, some low varieties plant height is only about 20 cm. There is no hair on the whole plant, and the upper part of the stem has branches.

The leaves are different.

The middle and upper leaves of cornflower are different, the lower leaves are not divided, the top leaves are divided, and larger, the middle leaves are not serrated.

The leaves of chamomile belong to pinnate full split, relatively small, the parts of the lobes are all in the shape of thin strips, and there are small tips at the top.


The flowers are different.

The flower shape of cornflower is big. It blooms from the middle to all around. There are 7 layers of bracts in the whole flower. The color is rich and diverse, including white, red, purple, blue, etc.


The flowers of chamomile are smaller, the outer corolla is tube shaped, the color is yellow, the inner corolla is tongue shaped, showing white


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