Planting methods and management of lilies

Marie Schrader
2020-02-01 11:16:03
Spring: ensure soil moisture and sufficient light, and increase fertilizer appropriately according to the growth of stems and leaves. Summer: water according to the soil conditions, and trim the remaining flowers after the flowers are decayed. Autumn: pay attention to changing pot soil and planting bulbs. Winter: keep the soil moist and keep it in the indoor sunshine.

I. spring

When the spring temperature rises and lilies sprout, the soil moisture and sufficient light should be ensured, and fertilization is not needed at this time. The pot soil increases with the growth of stem and leaf, when the pot soil is about 1 cm away from the pot edge. At this time, topdressing can be carried out.

Curing of Lily in Spring

II. Summer

Lily growth in early summer into the peak season, is also about to bloom, the application of water and fertilizer in the flowering period is particularly important. In some areas with heavy rainfall in early summer, the amount of watering should be adjusted according to the dry and wet conditions of basin soil.

After flowering, the lily can be moved into a cool place for viewing, which is helpful for prolonging the flowering period. After flower failure, in order to promote the growth of new bulbs, it is necessary to cut off the residual flowers, so as to avoid excessive consumption of nutrition and inhibit the normal growth and development of bulbs.

Lilies will gradually enter dormancy in summer. The dead stems and leaves on the ground should be cut off in time. If possible, the lilies should be dug out, moved into peat soil with appropriate humidity, and stored at low temperature. No conditions in the pot can be dormant.

Curing of Lily in Spring

III. autumn

The lily bulbs can be dug out after the temperature drops at the end of autumn, and planted according to different sizes.

Potted plants shall be replaced with pots and soil every year. The loose and humus rich soil with good drainage performance is preferred.

When planting, the first step is to leave a soil layer of 1-2cm at the bottom of the basin, and the second step is to roughly place the root of the lily ball in the center of the basin. The root is not vertically downward, and the top of the ball is vertically upward. The root ball is planted at a certain angle outward.

The corm should be about 10-12 cm away from the mouth of the basin, with a small amount of soil added first, and then added with the continuous growth of the leaves.

spring maintenance of lilies

IV. winter

If lilies are planted in autumn, they will only grow roots rather than leaves in winter, so only wet soil is needed to ensure their growth.

Lily has poor cold tolerance. In the south, it can only be cultured on the balcony with sunshine in winter. In the north, because of the low temperature, it must be cultured in the room above 5 ℃.

spring maintenance of lilies

The four seasons of the year is a samsara for most flowers. We need our careful care all the time. 365 days and nights of company will also make you have more beautiful memories.

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