How to use the nutrient solution for the pothos (soil culture and hydroponics)

Jane Margolis
2019-12-24 08:56:02
The use of nutrient solution for pothos, hydroponics is the need to drop nutrient solution directly into the maintenance of containers. Remember that the concentration should not be too large, usually 3 or 4 drops at a time, so that the leaves of the pothos can grow green. In soil culture, when the pothos is used, the nutrient solution can be used to mix with water for root filling, which will make the plant grow strong.

I. application method of nutrient solution soil culture

First of all, it needs to dilute the nutrient solution to use for the pothos in soil culture. About three or four drops of nutrient solution can be added into a watering pot. In this way, the prepared mixture can be used to irrigate the roots of the pothos, and the rest can be used to spray the back of the green Pineapple leaves, which can not only clean the stains on the leaves of the plants, but also provide nutrients for the plants. Please, make its leaves green and bright.

2. Application of nutrient solution in hydroponics

Water can't be used only for the maintenance of the pothos, so the leaves of the pothos will turn yellow if the nutrients are insufficient, so it is necessary to add some nutrients into the water properly to meet its growth needs. And regularly add the nutrient solution to water after spraying the leaves of the green leaf, which can play a clean environment to help the pothos grow healthfully.

3. Precautions

Although there are many benefits of nutrient solution, it should not be used too often in hydroponics. In general, it is OK to add some nutrient solution to the water every ten and a half days, but at the same time, it is necessary to change the nutrient solution to avoid water pollution and turbidity.

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