How to raise vanilla on the balcony? What should we pay attention to

Jane Margolis
2020-06-29 14:06:35
Xiangxuelan can be moved to the balcony for maintenance at home, which is good for its own growth and flower bud differentiation. It should be noted that the light in summer is too strong, so it should be blocked at this time. Water shall be applied regularly to ensure the growth. During the growth period, water shall be applied once a week. Add mature organic fertilizer on the basin, and top up fertilizer regularly during growth. Provide loose, well drained and rich organic soil, and change basin every 1-2 years.

I. light supplement

Xiangxuelan likes enough light very much. When maintaining xiangxuelan, if it is kept at home, it can be moved to the balcony for maintenance. Only when it is exposed to enough light stimulation can it maintain the growth demand, especially in the flower bud differentiation period, it can be given more than 8 hours of sunshine. But pay attention to good, the summer light is too strong, at this time to block, can build curtains to block the strong light, only contact the soft light

2. Water supply

It prefers a humid growth environment. It needs to be watered once a week during the growth period. When the growth is very rapid, the watering times can be increased appropriately. After flowering, watering should be reduced to prevent the roots from rotting due to ponding.

Third, apply nutrients

The growth can not be separated from the application of nutrients. When adding mature organic fertilizer to the basin, the fertility of the soil can be improved. Growth also need regular topdressing, with fertilizer need to be a little thinner


IV. soil preparation

Suitable soil is the basis of growth, which can provide loose, well drained, organic rich soil, and grow well in such soil. Every 1 - 2 years change basin, provide new nutrients to maintain growth.

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