How to raise swallow's paw on balcony

Saul Goodman
2020-06-29 14:06:35
Swallow palm can't live without sunshine. It can be raised on the balcony. Sufficient light is good for growth. However, it should be noted that it has phototropism. Turn the flowerpot once a week or so. It has requirements for temperature, which should be kept at about 20 ℃, and it should be kept warm in winter. Water every 4 days or so, without water accumulation. It can stand barren, but it can be fed regularly when it is growing vigorously. It contains a certain amount of toxicity, which should be kept on the balcony to prevent accidental consumption.

I. light demand

The growth process of swallow's paw can not be separated from sunlight. If there is no sunshine, it may lead to poor growth and yellow leaves. It needs to be given reasonable sunshine. If it is maintained at home, it can be kept on the balcony. Sufficient light can be conducive to good growth, promote luxuriant branches and leaves, and make the leaves shiny and shiny. However, we need to pay attention to its growth with phototropism, so we need to turn the flowerpot every other week or so on the balcony, so that we can absorb sunlight in all directions.

2. Temperature requirements

Swallow palm has requirements for the growth temperature. It is suitable to grow in the range of 20 ℃ everyday. Pay attention to keeping warm in winter, keep it above 8 ℃, and don't freeze the plant.

3. Give water

It has a demand for water, in the growth process to keep the basin soil moist, about every 4 days or so watering, pay attention to good water, can not produce water.

Apply fertilizer

It can bear barren, but also need to fertilize in growth, can be in vigorous growth, regular fertilizer.

5. Pay attention to toxicity

It contains a certain amount of toxicity. It will not affect the human body if it is kept at home, but it should be prevented from eating by mistake.

Swallow Palm

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