How to grow peony and spider plant on the balcony

Marie Schrader
2019-12-30 08:53:39
The peony hanging orchid is suitable to be raised on the balcony. It should be sunny as far as possible, which can make the plants exuberant and luxuriant, and not easy to grow in vain. Pay attention to the strong sunshine in midsummer, which should be covered reasonably. It likes to be dry. From March to September of each year, it can increase water properly and reduce water supply after September. It does not have high requirement for fertilizer and water, and it applies fertilizer and water every 15 days in the growing season. It likes to be warm and suitable for growth at about 15-25 ℃.

One, the problem of light

This kind of plant can not be separated from sunlight. Besides outdoor maintenance, it is also suitable for maintenance on the balcony. If you put it in a place with insufficient sunlight for a long time, and lack of light, it will affect the aesthetics, and also make the color of the leaves lighter, or even fall off. When you put it on the balcony, you should try to be sunny, not lack of sunshine, which can make the plants exuberant and luxuriant, the leaves become beautiful, and not easy to grow in vain. Note that the summer sun is too strong, the stimulation of the light will make the edge of the leaves charred, need to block, reduce the light exposure.

2. Apply water

It likes a dry environment and doesn't need too much water, but it grows vigorously from March to September every year. At this time, it needs more water and can increase water appropriately. After September, the growth is relatively slow, at this time, water supply needs to be reduced.

III. give fat water

It does not have high requirements for fertilizer and water, and can stand the barren environment, but the amount of fertilizer can be increased properly in the growing season, and the fertilizer and water can be applied once every 15 days or so.

Peony chlorophytum

4. Temperature guarantee

It is suitable for growing in a warm environment, 15-25 ℃ is suitable for growth, and the high temperature in summer requires cooling. It can't stand the cold, if the temperature on the balcony is low in winter, it should be moved indoors in time to prevent frostbite.

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