How to raise crabapple

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2020-07-20 08:40:38
Light: Begonia flowers like a sunny environment. Soil: the root of Begonia flower is relatively fragile, so loose, fertile and well drained soil should be selected. Water and fertilize regularly to keep the needed nutrients. Trim: trim properly.

I. breeding methods

1. Temperature illumination:

Culture Begonia flowers to pay attention to ventilation, the best is to put the Begonia flowers on the balcony or outdoor. It likes to grow in a sunny environment. If it is in a cool place, it will affect its growth. During the growth of Begonia must be placed in a sunny place, in the cold weather to pay attention to its warmth.

2. Watering and fertilization:

Fertilizer should be applied to supplement nutrients after falling leaves in autumn, and fertilizer should be applied under the condition of sprouting in spring. Watering Begonia must not be too much, do not let the soil water.

3. Trimming:

The pruning of Begonia flower is to cut off the withered or infested branches and leaves after defoliation and before sprouting. The best way to keep a certain distance between the branches is to keep the light more even. If you want to make the flowers bloom more luxuriantly, you can cut the long branches and keep the branches and buds for nutrition.

II. Pest control:

1. Aphid: generally, it appears under the condition of poor ventilation, which will cause yellow leaves, affect flowering and even cause death of Begonia flowers. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen ventilation and timely change the breeding environment for prevention.

2. Red spider: it is easy to appear in the high temperature environment. Red spider will harm the leaves to become yellow and fall off. Spray medicine in time after discovery.

3. Curly leaf insect: the leaf that endangers Begonia more in May to June, after appearing curly leaf insect, as long as check carefully and find out, brush down again..

Chinese flowering crabapple

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