How to raise blue snow on the balcony? What should we pay attention to

Skyler White
2020-06-29 14:06:35
In the maintenance of blue snowflakes, the balcony is a more suitable location. More contact with the sun is conducive to the accumulation of nutrients, which is better for the growth of plants. However, it should be noted that it can not withstand the sun exposure, and it should cover the hot sun in summer. Water or spray water regularly during the period of vigorous growth, and reduce watering in winter. Give fertilizer once a week in spring and summer, not too much. Blue snowflakes like to be warm very much. The suitable temperature is about 25 ℃ and above 7 ℃ in winter.

First, in terms of light

Blue snowflakes can withstand the shade naturally, but they prefer sunshine. They need to be placed in the sunny place to maintain normal growth. If it is kept at home, it can be placed on the balcony, which is a suitable place for maintenance, with sufficient light. It can accept direct light for several hours every day, which is conducive to better growth. Especially in winter, more exposure to sunlight is conducive to accumulate nutrients and promote flowering in the past year. However, it should be noted that it can not withstand the sun exposure, summer must not be placed in the hot sun, need to be covered

2. Water properly.

It needs a lot of water during its growth period. It needs to keep the surrounding environment moist. It can be watered or watered regularly. In winter, it needs to reduce watering and wait until the basin soil is completely dry before water supply.

3. Regular fertilization

In the growth period, fertilizer should be given regularly, especially in spring and summer, when the growth is very strong, fertilizer should be given once a week, and P and K fertilizer should be added before flowering. Special attention should be paid to fertilization. Never give too much fertilizer, or use raw or concentrated fertilizer.

Blue Snowflake

Temperature requirements

Blue snowflakes like warm climate very much. The suitable growth temperature is about 25 ℃. They can't stand the cold in winter. They need to stay above 7 ℃.

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