How to raise Begonia flower on balcony

Walter White
2020-06-29 14:06:35
Begonia flowers should be placed in a sunny place, the balcony is more appropriate, to ensure the growth of light demand. But pay attention to block the strong light in summer, and rotate the flowerpot regularly in daily life. Water supply should be adjusted in different periods, more water can be poured in the growth period, and water should be sprayed on the leaf surface when it is dry. Sufficient basal fertilizer should be padded when changing basin, and regular fertilizer should be given when growing vigorously. Its branches and leaves are luxuriant and need to be pruned according to the situation.

I. light

There is more demand for light in the growth of Begonia flowers. It should be put in the place with good sunshine, especially the flowering plants. It should not be kept in the dark place without light. Otherwise, the growth will be affected, leading to the decline of plants and the reduction of flowering. In the home maintenance is better, can decorate the home environment, but in summer to pay attention to block the strong light, can not be placed in the sun, daily maintenance, but also regularly rotate the flowerpot, to promote uniform flowering, can not let it slant to a light direction.

Water content

In order to ensure the normal growth of Begonia flowers, water supply is essential. The water demand is different in different periods. In the period of vigorous growth, more water can be poured to keep the basin soil moist as much as possible. The evaporation in summer is more vigorous, and the water supply can be more appropriate. In addition to the normal root water supply, when the environment is very dry, it is necessary to spray water on the blade properly.

3. Fertilization

It is necessary to change flowerpots for 1-2 years, pad enough basal fertilizer on the bottom, and give fertilizer regularly during the period of vigorous growth to ensure the demand of growth. In addition to base fertilizer, also need to regularly give fertilizer, to ensure the normal supply of nutrients.

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4. Trim

It is put in balcony raise, branch leaf grows very exuberant, luxuriant, can prune according to circumstance..

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