How to raise baibanyulu

Jane Margolis
2020-07-22 08:33:14
Its small and exquisite, crystal clear appearance, meat leaves with white stripes, very cute, put at home is also very unique. Then we will introduce how we should take care of it.

I. light

It is very sensitive to light, so we must pay more attention to the light. Too strong light will lead to poor growth of its leaves, which will turn light reddish brown. Sometimes too strong direct light will burn the leaves, leaving ugly scars. But if the light is not enough, it will be too loose and not compact if it is placed in the dark place for a long time. In the half shade is the most suitable for its growth, so in May to September to add a layer of sunshade, October to the next year in April to remove the sunshade, to give it full light

2. Temperature

The temperature of 18-22 ℃ is the most suitable for its growth. It can also tolerate a certain degree of low temperature, but if it is kept below 5 ℃, the plant will be frozen, the frozen leaves will turn white, and it is difficult to recover. So in winter, we should keep warm.

3. Water

If the basin soil is not dry, it's better not to water it. Each time you water it, you must pour it thoroughly, but you also need to avoid the accumulation of water, otherwise the root will rot. But also can't let its soil too dry, so although the jade dew won't die, but its leaves will become no longer full, the color will no longer be bright, and then will become dark. In summer, it will become dry because of the high temperature. At this time, you can spray water around it, and the dry air will become moist. When it grows, it can cut off the top half of the transparent beverage bottle, and then cover the plant, which can provide a relatively wet environment for Yulu and help it grow full leaves. But remember to take the plastic bottle down in summer.

Potted White Spot Jade Dew Fleshy

4. Soil

Choose the soil with good drainage effect and good permeability, and the soil should be loose and fertile. It is better to have a relatively coarse grain of sandy soil.

5. Fertilization

Every other month, apply the thin liquid fertilizer or the compound fertilizer with low nitrogen and high phosphorus and potassium. If it's the new jade dew, you can not apply fertilizer first. When the temperature is too high in summer and too low in winter, Yulu will go into a dormant state. At this time, fertilization is not required. The best time to apply fertilizer is in sunny morning or evening.

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