How can cornflower spend the winter

Jane Margolis
2020-05-12 12:50:24
Cornflower can overwinter in the south of central China. So in North China, how do cornflower spend the winter? Come and have a look with Xiaobian!

The growing conditions of cornflower

Cornflower is more resistant to cold, likes sunshine, requires fertile soil, good drainage. The adaptability of cornflower is strong and easy to cultivate, and it can be self sown and propagated. In addition, cornflower likes close planting. If it is sparsely planted, it will cause poor growth.

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The winter conditions of cornflower

Outdoor planting

In the south of central China, cornflower does not need to take cold prevention measures, but can live through the winter in the open. But in North China, it is necessary to cover with cold proof materials in winter. In winter, cornflower can be continuously buried in the soil for winter, and taken out in the early spring of the next year for potted transplantation. Because the lateral root of cornflower is rarely resistant to transplantation, it is necessary to bring soil mass when transplanting, otherwise it is not easy to survive. Every 10 days or 1 month, 5 times of water can be applied to mature fertilizer water, until the next March to stop flowering.

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Indoor potting

Potted cornflower requires rich and loose potted soil. It's better to mix the plant ash with the rotten leaves of the garden soil to match the potted soil. Apply fertilizer frequently until the flower bud appears. Or let the cornflower in before winter. The room temperature should be kept at 8-15 ℃, and water properly. Put it in a sunny place, and apply a small amount of thin compound fertilizer. Then wait for the flowers to bloom.

Precautions for winter maintenance of cornflower

Guaranteed temperature

Cornflower has strong adaptability and likes sufficient sunlight, but it is not resistant to humidity. Generally, the soil with good permeability is selected for planting. In winter, special attention should be paid to maintain the appropriate temperature. But indoor maintenance, do not put it in the air conditioning outlet and too close to the heating.

Reduce watering

It's enough to water cornflower once every 3-5 days in other seasons, but the water evaporates slowly in winter. Cornflower itself doesn't need too much water. It can be watered once every half a month, according to the size of the flowerpot.

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