Five kinds of flowers suitable for growing in pieces

Mike Ehrmantraut
2020-07-29 16:46:25
In the sea of flowers, I feel the lingering fragrance around my nose and the beautiful scenery. I'm afraid it's the dream of every girl. Some flowers, single branch may not be eye-catching, but if you plant them in pieces, they will show a magnificent side. Today, let's check the varieties of flowers that are suitable for growing into a sea of flowers.


I don't know if you've seen "the golden family", in which the protagonist and heroine lie hand in hand in the sea of sunflowers, it's really impressive

The golden sea of flowers, a pair of lovers, blue sky, white clouds, yellow dogs who have been chasing bees wantonly, are showing warmth and vitality everywhere. The sea of sunflowers is really a warm gathering, like countless smiling faces, let people stay in it, can't help but relax all nerves


When it comes to flower sea, I believe that the first picture presented in the minds of many friends is the vast lavender, which extends from the front to the sky.

Lavender is a symbol of mysterious love. If you have the chance to lead your loved one, you can lead it. I believe it will collide with more sweet sparks.

Poppy beauty

In the light of the wind, the beautiful lady Yu sways frequently. Her graceful posture makes the capital charming every time. The setting sun makes her more charming

In the flower sea of beauty Yu, with a light melancholy, people can't help but sigh that the world is beautiful

Rape flower

Many people don't know that rape flower has another poetic name, called Brassica. It is mainly distributed in Jiangxi Province of our country, especially in Wuyuan area. It has become a world-class photography scenic base. It can be seen that the beauty of the rape flower sea. When you are in the rape flower sea, you will feel the comfortable feeling of the integration of human and nature, which makes you happy physically and mentally, and feel the beauty of nature.


It is a good ground cover plant because of its strong adaptability and high coverage. The group viewing value is very high. I don't know if you've ever seen Japanese old people plant large pieces of Zhiying to make their blind wife pick up the courage to live again. Let a lot of people go to watch, also let the wife feel happy.

Pieces of colorful flowers gathered together, just like to put a colorful Phoenix garment on the earth, making people feel both happy and warm

Zhi Ying

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