Cultivation methods and precautions of potted Camellia

Marie Schrader
2020-07-06 08:33:10
Flower soil: with soft soil, it is better to have some fertility. Light: I like the light, but I can't get it strong. Water: ensure sufficient water, but no water in the basin, otherwise its root system is easy to rot. Temperature: the best temperature is 18-25 ℃.

I. breeding methods

1. Flower soil: Camellia does not have high requirements for flower soil. It is recommended to use soft soil, preferably with some fertility. Do not use flower soil that is easy to harden, because it is not conducive to plant growth.

2. Light: it has certain requirements for light. It likes light, but it can't be exposed to strong light. It's easy to be exposed to strong light for a long time. So in midsummer, do not put it in the strong light

3. Water content: it prefers water content, so it is necessary to ensure sufficient water content when breeding, but there should be no ponding in the basin, otherwise it will easily lead to root rot.

4. Temperature: it is suitable for growing in the temperature of 18-25 ℃. It can withstand certain cold, but it is not heat-resistant. Therefore, in summer, it is necessary to pay attention to cooling and ventilation. When the temperature is the lowest, it should also be kept above 5 ℃, so as to survive the winter.

2. Precautions

1. When you open a lot of flowers, you should cut off some of them properly, so that the rest of them will grow beautiful.

2. It's easy to get sick when the weather is warm. You need to spray some medicine in advance to prevent it.


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