Characteristics of Carnation

Hank Schrader
2019-12-16 11:07:32
Shape characteristics: the whole plant is hairless, can grow to about 40 ~ 70cm, and the stem is upright. The shape of the leaf is linear lanceolate, the length is about 4 ~ 14cm, and the midvein is obvious. The flowers are white, pink or purplish red, solitary. Characteristics: it likes sunshine and cool growing environment, with good cold resistance.

I. appearance features

1. Carnation plants can grow to about 40-70cm, and the whole plant is hairless, which looks pink green. Its stem is tufted, growing upright, with sparse branches at the top

2. Its leaf length is about 4-14cm, not very wide, only 2-4mm. The shape of leaf blade is linear lanceolate, the top is gradually becoming sharp, with very obvious midvein.

3. Its flowers are usually solitary, sometimes 2 or 3. There is more than one color of flowers, such as white, pink or purplish red

2. Characteristics of habits

1. It doesn't like sunshine very much. It's a plant with moderate sunshine. But also in the maintenance period to see the sun, it can not stand strong sunlight. In addition, it also likes fertilizer very much, the demand for water is not too high, as long as there is a certain humidity in the soil.

2. It prefers a cool growing environment, not a special color resistant environment. It can also be very cold resistant, that is to say, it can grow in a certain low temperature environment.


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