Carnations are watered once a few days

Jane Margolis
2019-12-16 11:07:32
The intervals between watering carnations vary greatly from time to time. Slow seedling plants should be watered less, wait until the soil is dry and then watered, no more than twice a week. During the growth period, sufficient water supply is needed, and the basin soil should be kept moist and watered once every 2-3 days. After fertilization, water less to avoid root burn. Winter dormancy period can stop the water, too dry to use the watering can water.

I. slow seedling watering

The carnation must go through a slow seedling period after replanting in another pot. At this time, it should not be watered too much. Because its roots have not yet adapted to the new soil, too much watering will not absorb, and it is easy to rot. Wait until the soil is dry, and then pour it through water, once every 3-4 days.

2. Watering in growing period

Carnations should be watered well during their growth. At this time, it needs a lot of water, and soil drying will lead to its poor growth. Generally, water once every 2-3 days to keep the basin soil moist for a long time. But watering should not be too much, do not have water in the basin.

III. watering after fertilizer

The carnation should not be watered too much when fertilizing, so as to prevent the fertilizer from completely dissolving into the soil and causing burns to the roots. Liquid fertilizer can be used to dilute the fertilizer with water. Water and fertilizer should be poured directly into the basin, do not drop on the leaves, so as not to hurt the leaves.


IV. watering in winter

Carnations grow slowly in winter and should not be watered too much. When the temperature is too low, it will enter the dormancy period. At this time, do not water, otherwise it is easy to frostbite the root. If it's too dry, you can spray water with a watering can.

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